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Welcome to UK Magic Tournaments (UK:MT)

19 June 2006


By Anthony Skinner


Welcome to UK Magic, I hope you will find our site to be a useful resource for finding the latest Magic the Gathering Tournaments and promotions in the UK and Ireland.


Our site is currently in its Beta Stage, the site infrastructure is up and running and all we need to do now is to complete our database to include the latest information of upcoming tournaments, tournament locations and organisers.


In the next couple of weeks we will be contacting as many tournament organisers across the U.K and Ireland as possible in order to bring the database up to date. At the moment you will find the names of clubs and stores we know about and publicly available information, such as who organises the tournaments and where they are situated. I hope to add contact details, such as email addresses and telephone numbers soon, but as you will appreciate, I am not at liberty to do so without the owner’s permission.


If you are a tournament organiser or know of any tournament organisers we have missed on our lists, then please email details to and we will add you/ them to our database.


We hope to have a full list of tournaments taking place in July and a comprehensive list in place for August. So please check back regularly for updates!


With best wishes