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Limited Champs Scheduled for Weekend of

24th June


By Anthony Skinner


This year sees the premier of Limited Individual Champs and this is scheduled for the weekend of 24th June. This is the best chance for most people to get some serious Limited Practice in before the Nationals Starts at the end of July.


The format is Ravnica - Guildpact - Dissension sealed with Top 8 Booster Draft.


There is no tournament list available yet so we will list everyone we have found so far here:-


Hidden Fortress Southampton - Sunday 25th June (click for Website)

The Games Club London - Saturday 24th June (click for Website)

Bishop Games Coventry - Saturday 24th June (click for Website)

Gravesend Magic - Sunday 25th June (click for Website)

Altrincham Gamers Sunday 25th June (Manchester) (click for Website)


Do you know of any other County Championship Tournaments being held? If so let me know at and I will put them up here.


I will be attending the County Championships in Southampton this year and hoping not to mess up my rating too much as the cut off date for Nationals is three days afterwards! I will be sure to write up a tournament report and hopefully it will be a good day and a good chance to get some vital practice done.


If you would like to see Champs expanded next season please vote on our Poll, presently the question is whether you would like to see an Extended Champs next year? Other possibilities could include doing a Champion of Champions tournament, with invites going to the regional champions. Organising an online Champions League or even doing team champs with the five strongest players from each county competing in a National Championship. Feel free to share you thoughts in our Forum